It’s no secret that DJs are going back to the basics, whether it be Technics 1200s or a Numark PT01. With this revival, a new wave of turntablism content began spewing out of all social media outlets, becoming available to DJs who wanted to learn how to scratch and DJs who have been doing it for decades.

So how does one stand out when there’s over thousands of scratch video uploads every day? Why should you click on this video instead of the other?

Because in the thumbnail you see a female and male DJ scratching together (very rare), with the name “SKRATCH POOP.”

We were lucky enough to see Skratch Poop grow from the beginning so it was only right that we sit down and talk with the creators DJ Idea and DJ Lok.

Where did the name Skratch Poop come from?

The name Skratch Poop was actually born while DJ Idea was sitting on the toilet, texting myself DJ Lok. We were coming up with different names that were shit-related. Ha!

Who are some people who have influenced you as DJ’s?

We actually met at DJ Qbert’s house, so he definitely plays a huge role for the both of us. I learned so much from him, and Idea was blessed as well to be able to come to the skratch sessions held at his house…the famous octagon is where we met! DJ DStyles, ToadStyle, Dj Flare, ShortKut, MikeBoo, DoBoy, are other influential DJ’s that have had a huge impact on our skratch lives.

What’s your most fond DJ memory?

DJ Idea: My most fond DJ memory was taking the win at the FightClub Skratch battle in San Jose, CA.
DJ Lok: My most fond memory is just being  at Q’s house at the Octagon; to just be able to learn around such amazing DJ’s. That was so dope and so much fun!

What is Skratch Poop’s mission?

Skratch Poop’s mission is to be able to globally reach those who are into the craft, and those who are simply interested in it. Our goal is to reach older generations, present, as well as our future generations driven by this artform, via records, clothing, quality videos, performances, debuts, anything and everything that has to do with this culture.

Where did the inspiration for Butt Sniff Breaks come from?

Butt Sniff Breaks was inspired by the jokes we continuously shared surrounding the culture itself, not being so serious in the craft, but also remembering the fun in it all. Original break records were all themed around things that either did not make any sense, had gross titles and images, or just far out. We absolutely wanted to honor and preserve that.

What can people expect from the record? From the brand?

People can expect not only quality in its design, but originality with unheard phrases/sounds. Brand wise, people can expect us to deliver out-of-the-box, high quality skratch content, and original goods.

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Skratch Poop’s Butt Sniff Breaks 7” and Skratch Poop merch releases in-store at About The Goods on Monday June 5th, 6pm-10pm. Butt Sniff Breaks is sold out online. Check out what’s releasing below.

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