You just released your debut album Familiar Faces and there’s a story you’re telling with this album. All the sound bites, background sound, interludes…what story do you want to tell your listeners with Familiar Faces?

I want them to know where I am from and just like the Kane’ohe Sandbar, we can go from shallow to deep with each step. (haha, sorry I’m lifted) On the real though, It’s true. Hawai’i is more than meets the eye. It’s much deeper than that. I think everybody knows that, but they rather not know that. So, through my music such as “Familiar Faces”, it’s a story told by my friends and myself. What we think, what we know, being here. Born and raised here in Hawai’i. Living in reality while having a dream..

You’ve come a long way from Blue Ocean Thai and Broke Mokes as an artist. Do you feel like you’ve finally found your sound?

No. Just like music, I am always changing. I’m going to keep evolving. I would like to think my voice, is my sound.


How was the process of putting your first album together?

It was fun. What started off as just studio sessions between Jim Hurdle & Chirs Rockemwel, manifested into an idea. The songs I was recording at first were warm-ups. Until I linked with a few producers that really inspired me and then I caught the vibe of where I was going with it all. The stories, the flows, melodies all of it a new me & they linked. I knew where I would want to feature my friends, who are all respected influential artists in our scene just as I.

2 of the songs off of “Familiar Faces” were old masterpieces we had hidden. The homies let me take reigns on the records and from there everything else was made latter in the process.

The hardest part of the process was the making a budget. But hard work makes dreams come true. So I can’t complain. One day hopefully, that’ll change.


What do you want to achieve short-term? Long-term?

I want to break out into the hip-hop world as an artist representing Hawai’i. I want to earn the respect of my home state.
I want this project to show people that I am ready to take it to the next level. Long-term would be to say I can make a living off of art & entertainment. Music & MCing.

What advice can you give to artists that are just starting out?

Be real & like the goat Ziggy Marley teaches, you’ve gotta be true to yourself. Also, get out there in the real world, use the internet wisely & be ready to handle whatever comes your way.

Catch Koins releasing his music video “These Lines” in-store at About The Goods on Saturday Dec. 3rd 5pm-7pm. For now:

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