About The Goods is both a shop and a brand. As a shop, we carry clothing and gear from the US Mainland and the Pacific that represents our quality, values, and style. In addition to products, we cultivate and elevate local artists and their fans with in-store events, concerts, promotions, DJ sets and gear. The culture we celebrate is best experienced live and direct.

With that being said, we’re excited to announce our new in-store event that offers a meet & greet and an intimate performance with an artist that is either local or from the mainland. Maybe you will recognize them or discover that you are a fan. The point is to introduce different artists and genres to our guests.

This event will always be held in-store at our Chinatown location (1145 Bethel St.). This month we are hosting the C&E series on Wednesday June 21 from 6pm-9pm featuring Darker Than Wax’s Go Yama. This event is open to the public!

Go Yama is a Japanese-American producer, ramen lover, and guitarist from California and Boston who produces a wide range of styles from glitchy, experimental downtempo to dancy kawaii tracks.

Pigeonholing tempo and genre is overrated anyway, and for the jazz guitarist, it is all about the live instrumentation, and the organic process is paramount – the beat lies after.

Fusing beat scene sensibility with looping and live instrumentation, Go Yama creates an engaging and cosmic experience both on stage and in your speakers.

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